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 15 mins - £14.00        30 mins - £30.00     45 mins - £40.00        60 mins - £55.00     

Lynn combines a range of techniques learnt over 20 years, which include Swedish, Hot Stone, No Hands, Sports & Deep Tissue massage, to tailor a treatment just for you. Most treatments are half an hour which can be fitted into a busy lifestyle or lunch hour. 
NECK RELEASE -a half hour massage focusing on the tension in the top of the shoulders and neck, ideal for problems experienced by sitting too long at a computer. It is a combination of deep massage moves, plus stretches and breathing for a unique tension buster.
LOW BACK AND CALF COMBO - low back pain can sometimes radiate upwards from the lower legs. This treatment works in both areas to provide deep relaxation and help with pain management. 
FACE AND SCALP MASSAGE -Ideal for helping with sinus pain, colds and hay fever and headaches. Deeply relaxing 
Chair massage
INDIAN HEAD MASSAGE A deep relaxing massage that concentrates on the neck, shoulders, and head. This treatment is carried out  seated and fully clothed. Ideal for lunch times when you need to get back to work.This treatment is available in your workplace. Please ask for further details
 HOLISTIC MASSAGE can be deep, for specific problems or lighter for overall relaxation, for any area or problem not already detailed above.
Aromatherapy Oils

Treatments using essential oils distilled from plants specifically chose and mixed to suit individual needs – feel stresses lift away.
Hot Stone Massage
 HOT STONE MASSAGE Therapeutic stone massage is a very effective way to release deep seated tension without too much pain, therefore ideal when there has been a persistent or long standing issue.It uses both essential oils and incorporates warm and cold stones to relax the body at its deepest level.

REFLEXOLOGY Is a holistic massage treatment on the feet, which is thought to work on the meridians of the body and may help to correct energy blockage, both physically and mentally.    
Can help with addictions (smoking), weight loss, phobias, relaxation, past life regression, time line therapy, and much much more. The first meeting is half an hour to chat through your expectations and explain hypnotherapy procedure and costs £20.00. If you then decide to continue with the treatment this amount will be deducted from your first session, 60 mins - £65.00

HOLISTIC LISTENING Are you feeling overburdened and stressed? Do you just want to download your problems and don’t know where to go? This is not counselling, just a private space for you to get everything off your chest safely without judgement or interruption. Time can be added to your usual physical therapy, or as a stand-alone session
30 mins - £30.00          45 mins - £42.00             

Face MassageIndian Face Massage - Rejuvissage- is a natural face lift, a safe alternative to surgery through massage, helping many to look younger. It does not use oils, but just deep massage of the facial muscles and connective tissue, to help restore the face to it's natural balance.
Full treatment is an hour - £55.00
A relaxing treatment to which the following symptoms respond well: Sinusitis, Colds, Hay fever, problems when flying, excessive wax, Glue ear Tinnitus, Eczema in ears and most ear problems     30 mins - £30.00

REIKI is the Japanese phrase meaning ”Universal Life Energy”.  It is a non-intrusive, hands-on healing treatment..
30 mins - £27.00          45 mins - £38.00          60 mins - £52.00
Using beautiful natural crystals placed on or around the body, this treatment realigns Chakras, re-energises and takes relaxation to a very deep level
30 mins - £30.00 45 mins - £40.00 60 mins - £55.00
Please note that 24 hours notice is required on all cancellations, and unless the space can be filled, the full amount is payable.