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Lynn Bellamy’s Privacy Policy
We take the privacy and storage of your data very seriously.

This website is designed and updated by Lynn Bellamy, ITEC and this privacy policy relates to how she collects, keeps and maintains personal data held about her clients only.

Aquarius is the name of the building she and other therapists operate from and is not a Limited Company or trading in its own right in any way.

 No data is held by Aquarius. 

All other therapist are responsible for their own privacy policy, collecting and storing of their clients data. Please contact them directly for more information.

Most the data collected in the consent form and licence contracts is kept in paper form only. The papers are stored securely, not left unattended or passed on to any third party.

Your name, telephone number and email are kept on a mobile phone, which is password locked, and are only used for contact about ongoing appointments, and is the only data stored electronically.

The data is only kept for insurance and legal purposes. Under insurance policy restrictions, information is kept for a maximum of 5 years after the last treatment.

Lynn does not share data with any third parties. 

Your personal data will be reviewed on an annual basis.

This privacy policy is kept under constant review and was last updated on 24/5/18

This website is run through Vistaprint Ltd and having spoken to them,Lynn has been advised to direct any queries regarding their cookie policy to

You can talk to us about your personal data at any time and we will be happy to help you