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Busy day at the computer

I think I work hard when I massage, but today I have been busy slaving over a hot computer, updating this website (which I don't do often enough!), booking tickets for hotels for an exhibition I am to attend in June about building my practice (and also some Rewind tickets for Henley) plus a few others bits and bobs as one does (Facebook, Twitter etc - oh how easy it is to become distracted.
But my shoulders ache and my wrists need to stretch and I need a good massage, but alas my therapist is away on holiday so i will just have to wait. If ever there was a good reason to be cloned well this is it. It makes me realise that I am so glad that I book in for a weekly session (and yes I pay) it means we are both less likely to cancel than if it was a swap and I can just let go and be a client. Thank goodness she is back next week......