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Web building Sunday

Usually I spend Sundays washing all the towels I have used in the clinic during the week, and although today is no exception (there are lots on the washing line as I write), the last few days of sunshine has made me more industrious and also aware of windows - 2 kinds of windows.
Firstly, the actual windows at Aquarius on the Harwell campus. When the sun shone through this week I realised just how dirty they were, so this morning with the help of my lovely partner Guy, we washed them all, inside and out, so at least you can all see in to find out what we do, and now I can also look out on the campus - such a difference!
Secondly, windows on the computer, I suddenly realised how long it was since I had cleaned my virtual windows, so I have been doing a bit of spring cleaning here too. I hope you like the new look.
So, if you have felt motivated to get moving, don t forget to stretch thoroughly before you do and if you forget to do that, you know where I am, just give me a call, all my windows are sparkley clean so you can find me much more easily!