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I have seen more that 50 in 20 years
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I have seen more that 50 in 20 years

If you have never been for a treatment please take a look at the blog below. I have been a massage therapist for 20 years and although you may think I do, I do NOT look at what size you are, how tall you are or what clothes you wear.
I look at how you stand, if your body weight is over to one side and how you occupy the space that you inhabit.
I am not worried if you are wearing your oldest underwear or whether you have shaved your legs, I am more interested in you outerwear - your skin. It tells me what is going on with the muscles underneath.
Your body does it's own talking despite what your words say, so come along, you know you want to be brave and give it a try, your skin, your muscles and your body will be forever grateful, and if you are still unsure, give me a call